Juglo Chats Privacy Policy


The privacy policy of Juglo chats has been highlighted in the following points.

  1. Security and Privacy Matters!

From the very first day, Juglo Chats has aimed at ensuring the highest security and top-notch privacy policy for our users. We have always aimed at adding value to the lives of our users. Whether they are hundreds of miles away, or a natural disaster erupts, Juglo Chats allows its users to send messages, audio call, and video call their relatives, friends, and family.

  1. End-to-End Encryption

The messages that you send to other users are highly protected by the use of end-to-end encryption. This encryption allows these messages to be safe and secure making them unreachable for anyone, even Juglo Chats.

  1. Messages’ Storage

The messages exchanged between users and even between business accounts are stored on that very device on which the Juglo Chats has been installed. These are your messages and they belong to you. Due to the storage of messages on your device, Juglo Chats has proven that those messages can’t even be shared with advertisers.

  1. Group Privacy Settings:

Juglo Chats has restructured the concept of Group messaging and calling. It allows you to select who can add you to a group chat/group call and who cannot. This has been done keeping the privacy and concerns of users in view.

  1. Two-Step Verification:

The two-step verification process adds additional security to your Juglo Chats messages, multimedia, and calls. With the aid of this verification process, you can link your email address with your Juglo Chats account and fortify your privacy in case you forget a 4-digit PIN to log in to Juglo Chats. We firmly believe that this will help our users enjoy a whole new level of privacy and security.

  1. Read Receipts:

The users of Juglo Chats can choose whether their contacts can see that the user has read the messages or not. In this way, you can easily evade the messages that you don’t want to answer at the moment.

  1. Last Seen and Profile Picture’s Privacy:

Another cool feature of our app is that we give you the command over your ‘last seen.’ In simpler words, you can choose to show or not to show your contacts or everyone on Juglo Chats the last time you were online on the app. Moreover, Juglo Chats enables you to display your profile picture to everyone or just your contacts. In this way, the user of Juglo Chats has a lot of options on his/her hand when it comes to privacy and security.

  1. Status Privacy:

In this app, you can update your status as per your mood, needs, and desires. It can be anything and it can be for anyone. All you have to do is select the right audience for your status and share it with them. Sounds fun, right?

  1. Blocking and Reporting:

Another limelight feature of Juglo Chats when it comes to privacy and security is blocking. If any user finds any other user annoying or in any way distressing, he/she can block him/her. With the help of this feature, the user will never ever hear from the blocked person again until they choose to unblock them. In addition to this, Juglo Chats has also enabled its users to report spam messages. This feature has been added to the app to ensure the top-grade privacy and security of every user.